‘Game On’ for IMB Olympics Ministry Team

TOKYO, JAPAN  – Throughout the Tokyo Olympics IMB missionaries are on the streets of the city creatively sharing the Gospel.

While many Christians from across the globe were unable to join their outreach efforts due to travel restrictions these bold believers are seeing a remarkable response as they find various ways to bridge the gap to the Gospel in a country where 99% of the population doesn’t know Jesus.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has restricted Christians from around the world being involved in outreach efforts at the Tokyo Olympics, many Japan-based International Mission Board missionaries are working together to creatively share the Christian message where 99% of the population doesn’t know Jesus.

Working alongside local churches the IMB team is sharing the Gospel by riding on subways, trading English pins and evangelistic materials, prayer walking, and offering opportunities to practice English.

Some of their team gave these updates on their outreach efforts.

“I’m standing here in the middle of Takadanobaba and I just wanted to give you an update on what happened today as we were engaging doing Five-minute English. During this time we were able to engage 39 people in five minute English and during that time we were also able to hand out 38 pieces of Gospel-related material. Pray that the people who not only receive material, but also have a chance to hear the good news of the Gospel would think about these things we’ve shared, would go back and look at things they received and that God would penetrate their hearts.”

“Hello from Tokyo, Japan. We are so excited that you are with us and that you are joining us as we are on our journey over the next two weeks. We’re here at Nakano station as you can see right here behind us. Today we were doing Five-minute English and we were able to engage 80 people today. We gave out over 110 Gospel materials.”

“Yeah one of those cool engagements we had was actually a guy from China who is a student. And he has had a really hard time meeting people and making friends. So he asked us directly ‘would you be my friend?’ And so we told him ‘we’d love to be your friend, we’d love to get to know you,’ and he’s actually a little bit interested about hearing about Jesus and the truth of the Gospel.”

IMB hopes this major outreach will act as a key bridge builder to the people of Japan coming to know Christ as their Savior.

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Source: Global News Alliance, ‘Game On’ for IMB Olympics Ministry Team

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