The Church is Growing Fast in Eritrea Despite Growing Persecution

ERITREA — Last month marked 20 years since the Eritrean government closed all churches that were not Orthodox, Catholic or Lutheran. It’s led to extreme persecution and one of the reasons Eritrea is at number six on the Open Doors World Watch List. In this video, three Eritrean Christians give a short insight into what life is like to follow Jesus in the country, and how the church is still growing despite persecution.

Paul* – Eritrea:

We gather in secret to make sure that both the government and other non-believers in society don’t know about our activities. If the locations of the houses are known, security officers will come and arrest or abduct people. That is how bad it is.


Leaders are arrested, but other leaders come. The church develops leaders and disciples who are not afraid of jail and death. That’s the generation the church has developed because of persecution.


Yes, it’s true. Many people are coming to Christ. The church is growing fast in Eritrea. Believers have a strong bond of love. Persecution inspires Christians to be close to God.

*Names changed for security purposes.

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