Churches Provide Vital Help to Albania Earthquake Survivors

BRISTOL – UK-based charity Transform Europe Network has launched an urgent appeal to help their partners working across Albania to provide vital supplies to the many families who lost everything following the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that rocked the country.

As Albania has been rocked by a devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck the city of Durres and other areas last month claiming more than 40 lives churches are at the forefront of providing vital aid to the survivors.

CEO of the UK-based charity Transform Europe Network James Vaughton explains how they are supporting their partners on the ground in Albania both in the long and short-term:

“We’re helping one of our local partners at the moment to buy needs to keep people warm with bedding, food and drink, but also tents where they’re needed. The bigger need is going to be in the long-term as the country gets back on its feet and has to rebuild literally, literally building houses, community buildings and so on.”

One of those key partners is pastor Erion Cuni who gave this update on his way to providing crucial supplies in one of the worst affected areas in Durres:

“We’re on our way to Lotz, one of the effected areas. And we’re going to meet with Pastor Alexander. He’s running a place where he’s cooking and feeding for some of the people who’ve lost their homes. Pastor Alexander asked if we could buy some mattresses, some sleeping bags, some covers. And so we just filled our car thanks to some of the partners especially Transform Europe Network and we’re heading over there and more to come.”

Meanwhile speaking through a translator Pastor of Christian Albanian Church Korce Arben Bedulla explains how they are helping families in their community who’ve lost everything:

“We help these people that have nowhere to stay during this time. And they’re still outside as we speak. We’ve given food, clothes for them and we’ve been with them at this time. We give what we could give.”

Pastor Bedulla concluded by calling on Christians across the globe to pray for Albania this winter:

“Pray for these people that have lost their loved ones. Pray for their needs, so that God may bless their hearts that have been broken and His blessing may be in these families.”

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