Tens of Thousands of Costa Ricans Marched for Life

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – Pro-life leaders reveal that the President of Costa Rica intends to covertly open the door to abortion. In the March for Life, Evangelical and Catholic believers came together with the same goal.

Tens of thousands of people marched along the main streets of the city of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, in defense of life.

Led by a significant number of congressmen and political and spiritual leaders, adults, young people and children marched, demanding that President Carlos Alvarado refuse to sign a “technical statute” that would legalize abortion.

In this march, evangelical Christians joined Catholics, all with the same goal. some pastors and priests, in positions of leadership at a national level, were there to encourage their church members.

Fabricio Alvarado, Leader of the Costa Rican opposition party:

“The groups that have promoted this statute are the same ones that ask for unlimited abortion for any reason. This shows us that what is being proposed with this statute is unlimited abortion in Costa Rica.”

With a background of Christian music and signs like “yes to life!”, the protesters moved along the march route.

Ricardo Salazar, Pastor of Abundant Life Church:

“Costa Rica is a nation of life, a country that believes in life. Suddenly, in a deceptive way, an underground way, they want to substitute a law that represents the heart of Costa Ricans with an unnecessary law, by which they can make abortion legal.”

The opposition leader, Fabricio Alvarado, sent a message directly to the President of the country:

“Mr. President, today you are operating against the people by intending to sign this “technical statute”, you are taking action against a population who are pro-life, against a people who are not in agreement, and who understand that this “technical statute” is not necessary, a people who are very familiar with this subject.”

This march, entitled “To Life I Say Yes”, was organized by the National Front for Life.

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