Global Prayer for the Persecuted

CANADA — Reverend Gary Stagg, Executive Director of Open Doors Canada, talks about the Global Day of Prayer where Christians around the world will pray for the persecuted church.

A global prayer event is coming up November 6th, 5pm mountain time with Christians around the world praying for believers who are being persecuted for their faith. This year’s theme is Not Abandoned. Open Doors along with other partners will be hosting an online prayer event connecting Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Reverend Gary Stagg, Executive Director with Open Doors Canada, shared all of the details with Hal Roberts from Bridge City News.

If you’re following Open Doors or any of the other ministries that are focused on the persecuted church, you can follow them through their YouTube channels, Facebook live channels. We’re gonna connected everybody in a great prayer meeting, and it’s a great opportunity to collaborate with ministries that focus on persecuted Christians worldwide.

Hal Roberts:

Open Doors founder Brother Andrew passed away recently at the age of 94. What did he mean for your organization and how he put his life on the line for serving so many other people?

Gary Stagg:

He’s such a hero of the faith. He started this ministry 67 years ago in 1955 when God called him to take Bibles to Christians behind the iron curtain and from there the ministry has grown to work in more than 60 countries around the world wherever Christians are persecuted. He was just a person of just sheer faith that was courageous enough to just go through any door that was open and doors that weren’t even open. If God told him to go to deliver Bibles or to bring encouragement to believers whether it was behind the iron curtain, in Pakistan, or in Africa somewhere, he just went. 

About Open Doors Canada

Open Doors Canada is affiliated with Open Doors International, a global ministry which has supported and strengthened persecuted Christians in over 60 countries for over 60 years. ODI raised approximately US $70 million last year to provide practical support to persecuted Christians such as food, medicines, trauma care, legal assistance, safe houses and schools, as well as spiritual support through Christian literature, training and resources. For more information visit

About Rev. Gary Stagg

For more than thirty years, Gary Stagg has been involved in full-time ministry with an emphasis on the revitalization of Christian communities and the establishment of systems for assimilation and discipleship. Gary studied education and theology and has used that training to structure his passion for helping people stand firm in their faith and embrace a missional lifestyle.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Global Prayer for the Persecuted

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