Groundwire Reports 500+ Faith Professions Monday – During Coronavirus, God is Accessible

CASTLE ROCK, CO — On Tuesday, the 24th of March, Groundwire saw 536 people place their trust in Jesus. God continues to prove that in the midst of a crazy worl of social isolation, He is accessible. The paradigm of “Social Distancing”, in the midst of the Coronavirus chaos, is being encouraged so that germs don’t spread, but as isolation is urged, an opportunity is rising. If approached with compassion and understanding, those who are secluded are proving to be willing to consider and respond to the claims of Christ.

The paradigm of "Social Distancing", in the midst of the Coronavirus chaos, is being encouraged so that germs don't spread, but as isolation is urged, an opportunity is rising.Confusion, fear, and chaos are increasing, and they are opening the door to consider faith. As so many search for peace and hope, the claims of Christ are being embraced. Sean Dunn, the Founder/President of Groundwire points out that most in the younger generations (Millennial and Z) have not rejected the claims of Christ and Christianity, the majority have not not been exposed to them, and their digital addiction can lead to those meaningful conversations.

Dunn says,

“We can’t get many young people to walk into a church, but we also can’t get them to put down their phones. Instead of ignoring that reality, we can leverage it to share Jesus and everything He offers.”

It is this strategy that has Groundwire well on track to blow past their impact from 2019 when they saw 83,970 people in the US place their trust in Christ.

Groundwire is a leading force in today’s landscape. Generations often categorized as “lost” are responding by the thousands to a clear engaging message of truth and hope. By utilizing well-produced commercials in the midst of today’s most relevant media and technology platforms, viewers are invited to have a no-holds-barred conversation with someone who understands.

Twenty-four hours a day, online coaches direct young adults into salvation and towards a local church community. Discover more information about Groundwire’s momentum by visiting

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Sean Dunn, Groundwire Founder and President, at (303) 660-3582, or

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