Texas Enforces Public Health Orders to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

CLEVELAND— While Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Maryland have made it clear that abortion clinics are not exempt from public health directives designed to stop the COVID-19 spread, only Texas has actually enforced it.

The abortion lobby is not exempt from public health directives designed to stop the COVID-19 spread, only Texas has actually enforced it.

“It appears only Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is taking the pandemic and the governor’s order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 seriously,” said Janet Porter, President of Faith2Action. She urged people to tell their governors: “Before you stand at your next press conference to tell us how many more people have died from COVID-19, tell us you have closed the doors to the abortion industry to stop it from spreading.”

Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics based in Texas said, “Once again Texas is leading the charge to keep our citizens safe. If the governors of the other 49 states value their citizens as much as we value ours, they will act now.”

“Somebody needs to tell the abortion industry there’s a pandemic going on, and we need our governors and attorney generals to quit playing political games, close their doors, and stop the spread right now.” said Created Equal President Mark Harrington, who produced the video below.

Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain (R-129) joined more than 100 leaders and 30,000 medical professionals calling for evenhanded enforcement of public health directives (found at: www.StopTheSpreadRightNow.com). Cain said, “If Texans can enforce the law and protect our citizens from this pandemic, your state can too.”

The website “StopTheSpreadRightNow.com” was launched this week with more than 100 national leaders including Dr. James Dobson, Former Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and American Family Association President Tim Wildmon, to expose the outright defiance of public health warnings by the abortion lobby and the states which allow them to remain open, risking all of our lives. The most recent list of leaders can be found here. The video which shows equal enforcement of the law can be achieved can be found here.





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