MedSend Addresses COVID Healthcare in Africa and Asia

Advisory Board to Mobilize COVID Healthcare Resources

FT. MILL, SC — In response to the urgent need to address severe shortages of frontline healthcare workers and healthcare disparities in Africa and Asia, global healthcare missions organization MedSend announced today that it has established an Advisory Board to explore its Institute of Global Healthcare Missions (IGHM) vision. The vision for the IGHM is to increase the capacity of mission hospitals to train Christian doctors in Africa and Asia. The IGHM’s primary function will be to mobilize resources in order to support the numerous organizations involved in training the next generation of frontline healthcare professionals, within the vast global network of mission-based hospitals.

In response to shortages of covid 19 healthcare workers & healthcare disparities in Africa and Asia, MedSend announced global healthcare Advisory Board“The Institute will set out to accomplish objectives defined with and through its partners,” said MedSend CEO Rick Allen. “MedSend’s ethos, since its founding twenty-six years ago, has been based on partnerships. We are uniquely positioned within the community of global healthcare missions with fifty-plus partnerships to help shepherd this initiative.”

“An impressive group of individuals stepped forward to create the Advisory Board,” said David Finley, a Managing Partner with Excelerant Consulting and Chairperson of the newly formed IGHM Advisory Board. “They are leaders throughout the healthcare industry including physicians and top industry provider and supplier executives.”

Dr. Tamara Fitzgerald, a top pediatric surgeon and researcher who has worked in the US, Uganda, Cameroon, Bolivia, Mozambique, Kenya and Malawi, has joined the IGHM Advisory Board. “I am very impressed that a faith-based organization is committed to using a data-driven approach to increase impact and expand healthcare where it is most needed. This strategy will illuminate opportunities for change, strengthen relationships with foreign stakeholders and influence the lives of individuals in many nations,” stated Dr. Fitzgerald.

There are a growing number of mission hospitals which are capable of conducting specialized residency programs such as surgery, orthopedics and pediatrics. The IGHM will mobilize resources in order to help current programs increase the number of residents and help new programs get off the ground. The Institute will take a long-term view, up to 10 years, to help an organization realize their potential to provide specialized training in the country in which they serve and train.

“Today MedSend, through its National Scholars program, provides scholarships to highly qualified physicians to receive the specialized training in existing programs. It is our long-term goal to help grow and support these programs which are vital to building healthcare capacity throughout Africa and Asia,” said Allen.

“We intend to conclude the exploration phase of the Institute by the end of 2020 or early 2021. The Advisory Board will be conducting research and weighing options during this time,” said Finley.

About MedSend

MedSend is a 501(c)3 non-profit which financially assists frontline healthcare workers who want to serve globally in mission hospitals. To date MedSend has provided over $19 million in support to mobilize and sustain global healthcare workers. MedSend also provides scholarships for the training of indigenous doctors in Africa and Asia.

Contact: Laurie Sanders, VP ( for more information or to donate.

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