Kenya Student Disabled Following Islamist Attack

KENYA — In 2015, Islamist terrorists attacked Garissa University in Kenya, leaving 148 people dead. Many victims were, like Ronald, Christian students who were singled out by the gunmen. Ronald shares some of the difficulties he has encountered since the attack.

Ronald Moranga Magembe:

“My name is Ronald Moranga Magembe a former Garissa University student, actually a victim.”

In 2015 Islamic terrorists attacked Garissa University in Kenya, leaving 146 people dead. Many victims were like Ronald, Christian students who were singled out by the gunmen. Ronald survived being shot, but suffered hearing loss and three amputated fingers. He wanted to become a teacher, but cannot find a job because of his disabilities.


“I remember attending one of the interviews. One of the panel members asked me: ‘So now you are disabled, how are you going to manage to the class? How are you going to control the class.’

“You see? I feel like for people with disabilities, they are not given equal opportunities.”

Although Ronald still longs to find a teaching job, he is now back with his parents earning a living as a farmer and trying to reconcile himself to this way of life.

“This is not something that I expected to happen. I never knew that I would be disabled. It happened. I have to accept it as part of my life. Because now this is me. This is now the new me. I have to embrace myself. Taking care of these plants it has helped me to have a special connection a special relationship with God. I have come to understand that this is a responsibility: to take care of all this creation.”

Seven years since the Garissa attack, Ronald still struggles emotionally and needs continuing prayer and support.

“I find myself overthinking. That is the main issue, the main problem overthinking. Pray for me, so that I can overcome this problem.”

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