OM’s Logos Hope Makes Historic Visit to Iraq

IRAQ — Logos Hope community experienced many things in Basra, Iraq: rich history, delicious food and intriguing architecture. But it was the warmth, kindness and welcoming nature of the Iraqi people that captured the hearts of crewmembers.

Edward and Heather David:

We are here beside Shat al-Arab river at the junction of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in the land where human history was first written. As-salamu alaykum.

My name is Edward David. And my name is Heather David. We came at the invitation of the Iraqi government to partner with it in hosting a cultural festival for this city of 4 million people. And we are so excited to share with you some impressions of the MV Logos Hope’s first visit to Basra in the Republic of Iraq.

Upon our arrival in the Port of Basra, we were given a warm welcome. The Deputy Governor of Basra and other distinguished guests officially opened the book fair to the public.


What an opportunity to share knowledge with our new friends who are visiting the book fair. In addition, we have hosted exhibitions of Iraqi cultural arts, music, calligraphy and documentaries as well as presenting Meet the World, a cultural event performed by Logos Hope crew.


This is making me so happy because another people come to my country, to my city, to know what the culture in this city.

Everything is in shape, interesting and so beautiful. Thank you for all.

Logos Hope brings all of these countries to here and so we can experience all of this to us really 100 of 100.

We are so thankful from the bottom of our hearts for every government officers, translators, workers, volunteers who came to help us tirelessly. It has been a wonderful time to work together and build relationships.

I’m a student in the Translation Department and this is one of my official translation experiences. It has helped me to gain a lot of experience thanks to the crew, the people. I’m really, really happy by working with everyone. Everyone was so nice and friendly and welcoming. Just amazing people.

The ship has brought in more than just books. The word “hope” because now we finally have hope to better our image and show ourselves who we truly are. Please appreciate yourselves for what you’ve done, which is better the image of Iraq. You’ve done it. We’ve finally done it. Thank you everyone so much for this.

We appreciated the generous hospitality of the Iraqi people during a trip along the Euphrates River to the marshlands of Basra where we enjoyed delicious local food.


We love to share hope in every port we visit. We are overjoyed seeing the smiles on everybody’s faces as they visit. Our visit brought people together. I enjoyed visiting the street markets before coming on board, talking with our crew in our home.


I speak with many people here from Zambia, from Thailand. I’m so enjoyed to speak with them to improve my language, to improve my skills, to improve everything that I want in this life.

We success to make a good relationship between the countries, between the nations. Now there is a very strong bond between Logos Hope and Basra.

Edward and Heather David:

Only in January Basra hosted the Gulf Football Cup. Iraqi people love football and the fever of football is so evident in the city. Logos Hope crew love football too. The Logos Hope football team was excited to have the opportunity to play a friendly match with the people here in Basra, we shared joy with everyone who came to watch the football match.


It was just really great to see the friendships formed between the players, between the fans, just amazing, amazing atmosphere here.

Edward and Heather David:

Our amazing time in Basra has come to an end, but wonderful memories will remain in our hearts forever. Thank you to the government of Basra and everyone else who’ve made this historical visit become a reality. Continue to journey with us to the next ports.

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Source: Global News Alliance, OM’s Logos Hope Makes Historic Visit to Iraq

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