Operation Mobilisation Workers Deliver Aid in the Worst Hit Cities of Ukraine

BORODYANKA, UKRAINE — Operation Mobilisation workers are delivering aid in the worst-hit conflict zones of Ukraine as well as supporting pastors who have chosen to stay and serve their country. OM worker Wayne Zschech brought this update from the bombed out city of Borodyanka near Kyiv.

Wayne Zschech, Operation Mobilisation Ukraine:

Good day, everybody, this is Wayne Zschech in Ukraine with Operation Mobilisation and we’re in the city of Borodyanka and this is the third city we’ve been to today with our mission team handing out humanitarian aid. And we’ve been connecting with churches, especially pastors who have stayed behind to minister to their towns, and they all tell very harrowing stories and we also see amazing stories of what God is doing.

We’ve also seen a lot of destruction today, hundreds and thousands of lives that have been ruined. And we just had to come here and see with our own eyes. And the difference in Borodyanka was there was aerial bombing. You’ve heard about Bucha with the torture and executions and Irpin and 70% of the buildings were damaged. Here at Borodyanka, you turn up and see how aerial bombings have destroyed and snuffed out the lives of dozens of people within seconds. It’s hard to describe.

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for working with us. It’s a privilege to be here but right now, I just feel gutted. The war is not over. There’s a lot of work to do and we will continue to work with the pastors as we go through different stages of this conflict. We’re here to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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