Christians in Afghanistan Suffer Persecution Due to the Taliban

AFGHANISTAN — After the takeover of the country by the Taliban, Afghan Christians share their reality and needs.

On August 15, 2021, the Taliban reached the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, in the final step towards complete military takeover of the country. Later that month, the US military forces withdrew from the country, and the nation officially became an Islamic emirate governed by the Taliban.

The Christian community became exposed to Taliban violence, with brothers and sisters in danger. Afghan Christians who fled and those who remained in the country remain faithful to the call of Jesus. They may have lost their homes at the hands of the Taliban, but they have not lost hope in Christ.

The capital of Afghanistan, this was the last step to gain total control of the country. At the end of the same month, Afghanistan was completely transformed into an Islamic Emirate ruled by the Taliban. Christians were forced to hide or flee the country.

Abdulla*Cristiano Afgano:

Common people in Afghanistan live in great danger. When they wake up in the morning, they are not sure if they will be alive at night. And when they go to sleep, they don’t know if they will be alive in the morning.

The Christian community has been exposed to the violence of the Taliban. Our brothers and sisters are in danger.

Saadi*Cristiano Afgano:

If we return to Afghanistan and they discover that we are Christians, they would immediately condemn us to death. We have no right to life. They would kill us immediately.

But the Afghan Christians who fled and those who stayed in the country are still faithful to the call of Jesus. They may have lost their homes in the hands of the Taliban, but they have not lost hope in Christ. And they know that hope generates miracles.


Please continue praying, not only for us, but for the Taliban. Of course the Taliban are our enemies, but I ask you to pray for their salvation.

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