Australia Prime Minister Talks to President Trump about Sending Immigrants to America


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When former-President Obama was in the White House, he promised the Australian Prime Minister that America would take in 1,250 refugees every year.

The Federalist explains, “We entered the picture, nonetheless, in 2016. The Obama administration struck a deal with Turnbull’s government to take the refugees into our country.”

Prime Minister Turnbull contacted President Trump to make sure he would honor former- President Obama’s deal to take in 1,250 refugees.

CNN reports, “Less than an hour after White House press secretary Sean Spicer offered assurances the US would uphold a deal to take in 1,250 refugees from Australia, Trump continued to fume about the agreement, which had sparked the heated conversation with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this weekend.”
While the negotiations between the United States and Australia were happening, there was an emergency going on a nearby island, where refugees went to get approved to move to Australia. There is a lack of medical supplies and in these refugee camps. One women was giving an emergency birth, which requires a C-Suction, but Australia wouldn’t allow for an emergency entry.

Per BBC, “However, with Australia having not approved her entry, the woman had remained in Nauru’s general hospital. While previously refugees on Nauru were routinely allowed into Australia to give birth in better-equipped hospitals, Australia has been reluctant to allow the practice since 2015, fearing that once in the country refugees will seek legal help to remain here.”

President Trump found out about the Obama negotiation the day after he set in motion the executive order that would ban immigration of refugees from certain countries.

CNN explains, “A source told CNN on Wednesday that Trump expressed concern as to how the refugee agreement from the Obama administration would go forward given his executive order the day before temporarily suspending the US refugee program and abruptly ended the call because he was unhappy.”

ABWE works in Australia, where many people do not live in the outback as stereotyped by the media. Instead they work in business.

Once such businesswoman whose name is Rebecca and came from a Chinese background saw no need for God. She attended a lunch Bible study at the invitation of a co-worker and realized the empty feeling in her heart was a God-sized hole.

ABWE reports, ““It wasn’t until Kevin brought her along that she saw what she didn’t have — but also what she could have through a relationship with Christ,” said Russell, who partners with City Bible Forum, an evangelism organization that reaches out to professionals in Australia’s major cities.”

Pray for many businessman and woman would come to the Lord through ABWE.

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