Italy Avalanche kills 29 and Injures 11


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In January, there was an avalanche in Central Italy. It hit a hotel nestled at the foot of the Gren Sasso mountains. It came because of strong earthquakes in the region.

Per CNN, “The four-star spa hotel at the foot of the Gran Sasso mountain, about 135 kilometers (85 miles) northeast of Rome, was buried in snow January 18 after a series of earthquakes in the region earlier that day.”

There was little warning for the hotel, so the guests could get out. The hotel staff blamed the local government, who should have warned them of the incoming avalanche. In addition, there was no way to get out, because the local government had failed to clean the roads.

Reuters reports, “‘It isn’t the snow’s fault,’ the 5-Star wrote on founder Beppe Grillo’s blog. ‘The failure of those who should have prevented this disaster and helped the communities in difficulty is clear to everyone.’”

The government admitted their own failure but also mentioned it wasn’t time to place blame on a specific entity.

Yahoo News explains, “Premier Paolo Gentiloni acknowledged delays and ‘malfunctioning’ in the initial rescue effort after local authorities brushed off the first alarms about the avalanche. But Gentiloni told parliament on Wednesday that now wasn’t the time to find scapegoats.”

The final death toll for the central Italy avalanche stood at 29 after rescue workers gave up digging up the hotel.

Per CNN, “Rescuers are no longer searching for anyone else in the wreckage of a hotel engulfed by an avalanche last week, Italy’s Civil Protection Department said Thursday, leaving the final death toll at 29.”

There were 40 people staying in the hotel at the time and authorities thought it was a joke when it was reported.

Yahoo News reports, “The ensuing landslide and avalanche dumped upwards of 60,000 tons of snow, rocks and uprooted trees on top of the resort, burying the 40 people inside. Nine were pulled out alive, including all four children. Two people escaped and called for help, but the Pescara prefect’s office brushed off the alarm thinking it was a joke and that the hotel was safe.”

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