Rohingya not treated fairly in Myanmar


By English: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Rohingya are treated badly by the government of Myanmar, mainly the military. Many Rohingya have escaped into Muslim countries.

According to CNN, “The Myanmar government has forcibly segregated Rohingya from the rest of the population in Rakhine state since 1982 when the government stripped them of their citizenship.”

The Rohingya have no right to vote and live in unsanitary conditions.

The Economist reports, “Many ethnic Rakhines worry that if Rohingyas are recognised as such a group and granted citizenship, they will start agitating for their own homeland—which would come out of Rakhine state.”

Missionaries are seeking ways to relate the Good News to the Rohingyas in a way they would understand.

Mission Network News explains, “‘Our contact that we work with in Burma does have some ties to the government there. And so, he’s able to actually go in and it’s been interesting how God is kind of orchestrating that, but He’s allowing him to be one of the mediators in the conflict between the Buddhist government and the Rohingya,’” Romeijn says.

Please pray for the Rohingya, that the government would recognize them as citizens, so they don’t have to flee Myanmar. Also, pray for the Christians in Myanmar to reach out to the Rohingyas with Christ’s hope.

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