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In February, Romania was planning on passing a corruption bill, which would make it legal for government officials to do corrupt things if it did not go over a certain amount.

Per CNN, “The original decree, which would have taken effect in about a week, decriminalized corruption that causes damage worth less than about 200,000 Romanian lei, or $48,000.”

The people of Romania did not like this law, so they started protesting. They did not want the government to do anything that would make it more corrupt than it was.

The Week reports, “In Bucharest on Sunday, demonstrators sang the national anthem and held five minutes of silence in honor of the 1989 revolution to overthrow Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu.”

In addition to not jailing government officials who have caused damage, it would also free political prisoners who were corrupted.

NBC explains, “The emergency decree would have decriminalized certain corruption offenses, raising concerns in Romania and outside that the government was easing up on fighting graft.”

With all the protests, the bill did not pass. Even with the bill not being passed, protestors continued to protest the government, believing that they should either step down or an election should be held. The government refused to step down.

CNN reports, “Protester Daniel Iordan, a father of two, told CNN Sunday: ‘This government has to leave. We don’t believe anything they say any more.’”

Not only was the Corruption Bill denounced by protestors, but the international community, mainly the embassies denounced the bill.

The Week explains, “The law, which would have taken effect in about a week, was denounced by the embassies of Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.”

The Romanian-American Mission is an interdenominational ministry which seeks to reach the people of Romania along with several other European nations with the love of Christ. To do this, they train up missionaries to go to those who don’t know the Lord.

Per Romanian-American Mission, “Beginning in 2007 when Romania entered the European Union, God opened the door for RAM to minister in a number of countries where several millions of displaced Romanians have located in the last few years.  RAM is currently serving our Lord in Romania, Moldova, Austria, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.”
You can reach the people of Romania through taking a mission trip there or to Italy.

Pray that the government wouldn’t be able to get the corruption bill in and the people of Romania would be able to see Christ’s love through missionaries there.

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